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Swenson Solar

Swenson Solar integrates proven energy components into large-scale commercial solar energy systems. Swenson has been installing solar systems and applying proven energy reduction technologies for over 20 years.

Swenson Solar uses a transparent system development model. Clients are considered partners in the development process. The development team, which includes client decision makers, engages in a cost-based business process that identifies every component, all labor costs, plus contractor and vendor margins. Our model incorporates past and current utility costs and enables financial analysts to test a variety of assumptions and variables. The result is a system design that all stakeholders understand and can use to make sound business decisions.

At its test center in Santa Cruz, California, Swenson does primary research on the products of leading solar component manufacturers. By continually monitoring the integration of a wide variety of solar components, Swenson has developed a unique expertise. This expertise translates into more efficient, cost-effective solar energy solutions for our clients.

Solar System installations are completed by Barry Swenson Builder(BSB). BSB draws on four generations of commercial building experience and is recognized as one of California’s leading Green contractor/builders. See the Green Team at barryswensonbuilder.com.

Qualified proposals are prepared at no cost to the client.