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January 2013

Santa Cruz

Solar projects at Santa Cruz City Hall, Police Department expected to be done by year's end

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November 2012

Plantronics let's the 'natural' light in – promotes happier, healthier workplace

Events Bay AreaPlantronicsSolar Energy Advertisement Plantronics may be the leader in communications celebrating 50 years – but the once-dark and dreary facility in Santa Cruz has “let the natural light in,” turning their newly remodeled facility into a bright and happy place; could this communications leader be on the road to recognition or making some of those Top 10 lists alongside conglomerates like Google, Intel, Dell and others for their green efforts – as well as the promotion of happier, healthier employees? Time and tide will tell.

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June 2011

Plantronics flips switch on big new solar system

The largest private employer in the city of Santa Cruz has flipped the switch on a solar array it says is the biggest in the county.

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April 2011

Plantronics Celebrates Earth Day

Plantronics (NYSE: PLT) today announced that its solar panel installation is nearing completion and it is bringing in local vendors to raise environmental awareness among employees. These activities are part of Plantronics’ Earth Day celebration and will help the company and its associates reduce impact on the environment.

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